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Training Programs

We have designed our training programs that suit individual needs to maximize the interaction between the trainer and the trainee. Our Master trainers are equipped with the talent to give coaching to novice players as well as advanced tournament players. Our trainers strive hard to bring out the best ability in each of our trainees and groom them as brilliant and highly professional chess players.

The following are some of the programs that are generally requested by our Clients. We will be able to custom develop training programs to suit any individual’s specific needs, if so required.

Our Programs

Personal Coaching:

"ONE on ONE" personal coaching: This is one of the most favored programs, designed to provide best attention to the player. It is aptly suited for Professional Players who need regular coaching sessions or Players who want to maximize their time. Lesson duration is either 1hour or 1.5hours. Lessons will be conducted at your place by our Trainers.

"Small Group (Two/Three Players): This is best suited if a group of 2 or 3 players can manage to meet at a common place. Lesson duration is either 1hour or 1.5hours. Lessons will be conducted at your place by our Trainers. This will be cost effective as 2 or 3 players share the cost of the session.

Trainging at schools:
We train pupils in a very professional way with scientifically proven methods and with particular attention to child's Psychological aspects to make this a great experience filled with fun & joy. Our trainers have 9 years of teaching experience in international schools and local schools as well.

Enrichment courses:
We have different levels of training programs and approaches to cater the need of different age groups based on the level of their playing strengths.

Training at Institues & Community Clubs:
We have a sincere goal that vast majority of children and Individuals of all ages in Singapore pursue the game of chess as a hobby which helps improve their intellectual and logical thinking abilities and of course improve their self-esteem. We can conduct group sessions taking in to consideration the size of the group and the ability of the individuals in that particular group.

Online Training:
Mastermove Chess Academy offers online training for overseas students. We use multiple channels to effectively train the students remotely, thanks to the technological advancements in communication.

For further details on our Training Programs, please get in touch with us by email or call in and our trainers will be glad to assist you (Contact us).

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